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Website Support Page
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Please check this page for answers to some of the more common questions about the website.


1.  The registration process.

To use many of the features of this site you must first sign into your account on the upper right of the home page where it says sign in.  If you are not yet registered, please do so and we will review your status and approve you as a member as soon as we can.  You must be a Wisconsin Water Association member or covered under your utility/company before you can be a registered user of this site. Many people are already approved in our database and we just need to "OK” your profile.

2.  Welcome Email.

Most of our members have or will be receiving a welcome email with instructions on how to register for the WWA site to enjoy all of the member benefits.

3.  What if I didn’t receive a welcome email?

That’s OK. You still may be a Wisconsin Water Association member but covered under your employer.  Just fill out the registration process, let us know your employer and we will check your eligibility and get back in touch with you.


4.  What if I am not a WWA member and neither is my employer?

Well then we would love to welcome you to the WWA organization.  Just click on the JOIN WWA button at the top of our web page and follow the instructions.  If at any time you have questions, please call the WWA staff and they will be happy to assist you.


5.  What is the MY PROFILE box on the upper right?

This is where you can manage all of your information on the WWA site.  Please go to the top link, PROFILE HOME, and take some time to change your password and update all of your information.  Your current information is VITAL for you to maintain an uninterrupted flow of information to and from WWA.  It also maximizes the effectiveness of our member directory search tools.


6. What are the SEARCH OUR SITE and the MEMBER SEARCH buttons?

These are very strong query tools for the site.  SEARCH OUR SITE will search the entire WWA site, members, pages, documents etc. for your query.  The MEMBER SEARCH button will only search the membership directory.  You can search on any word and if a WWA member has that word in their profile it will return a result.  If you know the utility a person works for but not their name, you can search for that utility and it will return all the people, in our database, that works at that company or utility.


7.  What is -  WWA Forums?

Ever wonder how everybody else is handling a certain situation?  Well this is the place to ask.  Just post your question here and see if someone can help you out.  You can also subscribe to Instant Updates at the top of the forum and every time someone asks a question you will get a email notifying you a question has been posted.


8.  Career Center

Attach your resume to your profile by going to My Profile/Manage profile and going to the bottom of page under Resumes.  Here you can attach your resume and it will be attached to any job application you apply for.

Committee Chair/Vice Chair Privileges

If you are a Committee Chair or Vice Chair, you've got the power, really.

Actually, if you are a committee chair/ vice chair, you are also the Admin of your Committee Page. We can also make another committee member admin if you so wish.  This gives you the ability to change just about anything on the page.  

Most of this can be found under the GROUP ADMIN OPTIONS button.  This is only visible to the committee chair/vice chair or any other admin.  To update any wording on the page use GROUP ADMIN OPTIONS/HOMEPAGE OPTIONS.  

Most of functions will be under the group admin options.  The following is some of the actions you can do:


  • Schedule events on the committee calendar.   Please use ADD A NEW EVENT.  Not Add a new DATE.  The new event committee chairs/vice chairs add will not show up on the Main WWA Calendar on the upper left until approved by a site wide administrator.  If you want it to show up asap, please use the Contact us button at top of each page.  
  • Approve new committee members who requested membership to your committee.
  • Update your committee goals and activities plan.
  • Upload meeting minutes, agendas and any files you want accessible to the committee.  Click on GROUP PAGES and then category you want. 
  • Upload and arrange committee photos.
  • Email the entire committee at once.
  • There are also blog and forum functions to use if you wish, but not necessary.



Some other notes:

  • You will receive an email if someone requests to join the committee and then you can approve them using the group admin options button.  Everyone on the committee will get a automatic email stating that a new person has joined the group.
  • If you update or change the words on your page, please be consistent with the font, it is Verdana, size 2
  • Please do not change the format of the page too much so we have consistency throughout our committee pages.
  • If you have a question feel free to post it to the website support section under the HELP tab.
  • MESSAGING the committee or person,  sends the recipients a link in their email that goes back to the message center on the WWA website.  EMAILING  the recipient does exactly that, a direct email. 
  • If you need the Chair, Vice- chair or Board Liaison titles changed on the right side of your page, please use the CONTACT US button at top of page and submit what needs changing.  This will be done through WWA staff.


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