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Scholarship Program
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WIAWWA Young Professionals                      Scholarship Application


Welcome to the WIAWWA Young Professionals Scholarship Page.

The 2020 application period is currently CLOSED.  Application deadline is May 29th, 2020.

Click HERE for a downloadable pdf explaining the entire submission process and the Requirements and Selection Criteria Information.  Please read over this document and the form below to make sure you have all the necessary information before filling out the form and submitting.  You must enter all required information on the form at one time.

If you would rather submit all information by paper, please click HERE for an application you can print and mail in.  

Questions:  Please contact Scholarship Coordinator Maureen Schneider at






Fill in the WIAWWA Member Number and/or Name below ONLY for the Category you selected above. Name and number required for Categories 3 and A. Others are optional.
If you are awarded a scholarship, your disbursement check will be mailed directly to your school. Please provide the mailing address of where the disbursement check should be sent. Also include your Student ID Number, which will be printed on the disbursement check to ensure that the scholarship award is applied to your student account. This information will only be used if you are awarded a scholarship.
Attach the Following Documents to this Application Form. All 6 files are required.
Two letters of recommendation/reference, with at least one being an educational or professional reference. For Category 1, 2, and A, the educational/professional reference must be a water industry professional (i.e. water professor, employer in water related career field, water engineer, etc.). For Category B, the educational/professional reference must be water utility professional with direct management over the applicant.
Questions should be directed to:
Devin Carlson, Scholarship Coordinator
Clark Dietz
625 57th Street, 6th Floor, Kenosha WI 53140

I hereby certify that the information included in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I hereby grant my permission to WIAWWA to release my name and award at the WIAWWA Annual Conference. For Category B scholarship applicants, I grant permission to AWWA’s The Water Equation Campaign and sponsoring WIAWWA to release my name and award for promotional use.

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