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Forum Instructions
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FYI:  You can only post topics, and receive email notifications if you are logged into the website.  Otherwise forums are view only.


1.  Subscribing to a Forum Category (COVID-19, Admin or Operator questions)  -  If you would like to receive an email whenever someone starts a NEW question/topic in a particular Forum Category please do the following:

* Click on the name of the Forum you would like to follow


* Click on Subscribe to Instant Updates.  


2.  Subscribing to a Individual Topic/Question - If you are the one asking the question or have an interest in the topic, you can receive an email every time someone comments on that particular question or topic.

To do this:

* Click on the Question/Topic

* Click THREAD ACTIONS and then Subscribe to Instant Updates.


3. Other Tips - Use the My Subscriptions and Settings Tab at the top of the Forum page for other useful tips.

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