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DNR notified us of the requirement for public water systems that collect lead and copper samples to notify customers at all sample locations.  Customers at the sample locations must be notified whether or not the results exceed the action levels.  This is true for community, and nontransient noncommunity water systems.  They must also complete a certification form and send it to the Department after they complete the customer notification.

Below is the link for the Certification form, and a form that systems can use when they notify customers of lead/copper results.  This form contains the information required for customer notification.  These forms are also posted on a common drive for DNR staff.

Please contact Mark Nelson at the DNR with any questions.



DNR & Industry Workgroup develops guidance and forms for meeting New Cross Connection Requirements.

DNR staff and representatives from WWA, MEG, WRWA and HydroDesigns Inc worked through the last year to develop the necessary materials for systems to meet the revised Cross Connection Control Requirements.

For a copy of the documents, instructions and definitions click the links below.

Annual Cross Connection Report Form Instructions

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