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Committees: Water Efficiency
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The Committee’s mission is to build awareness and promote the benefits of water and energy efficiency for utilities and their customers in Wisconsin. The Committee functions as a clearinghouse for water providers, businesses, and the public on issues of water supply, source water quality, and best practices for water and energy efficiency. The Committee will focus primarily on water and energy efficiency practices that contribute to maintaining adequate water supplies, customer satisfaction, and healthy watersheds for future generations in the state of Wisconsin.



  • Increase awareness of the benefits of water and energy efficiency for the water industry and the public in Wisconsin.
  • Provide WWA members with the tools to efficiently manage water resources to ensure that there is a sustainable supply of water to support economic growth in Wisconsin communities.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to promote water stewardship, including efforts related to stormwater and wastewater management, and to enhance water and energy efficient practices within the drinking water industry in Wisconsin. 



  • Hold quarterly Committee Meetings to discuss water and energy efficiency needs for the Section and utility employees at large. Discuss existing practices and identify new developments in the field of water and energy efficiency. Coordinate, prepare and submit meeting minutes to the WWA Website following each meeting.
  • Initiate and support efforts to education WWA members, local officials, water industry leaders, and the public about the value of water and energy efficiency. Serve as a clearinghouse of information for WWA members in implementing water and energy efficiency programs.
  • Develop, plan and coordinate at least one seminar or webinar annually. This may include: · Partnering with other WWA Committees to include relevant topics at other seminars or webinars. · Partnering with the Illinois Section of AWWA to host joint webinars. · Hosting a stand-alone water and energy efficiency seminar, meeting, or other function.
  • Assist with planning the 2014 Annual Meeting Technical Program agenda, including identifying relevant topics, reviewing submitted abstracts, and assisting with selecting qualified speakers.
  • Assist the WWA Awards Committee in identifying and selecting a WWA member (individual or organization) to receive the annual Water Efficiency Award.
  • Prepare and submit at least one water or energy efficiency related article for each issue of the WWA newsletter. The Committee will identify topics and authors to assist in preparing articles. Authors may be from outside of the Committee.



The Committee Chair is responsible for:

  • Scheduling Committee meetings.
  • Providing bi-monthly Committee activity report to the WWA Board liaison prior to each Board meeting.
  • Preparing and submitting a Committee report for the WWA newsletter.
  • Attending at least one WWA Board Meeting each year.
  • Maintaining Committee roster and ensuring that roster is up-to-date on the WWA Website.

The Vice Chair is responsible for:

  • Serving as the Committee’s liaison to the Newsletter Committee and ensuring that Committee newsletter articles are submitted by the due dates.
  • Assisting the Chair in carrying out other duties and responsibilities.

The Secretary is responsible for:

  • Preparing and distributing minutes from Committee meetings, including providing minutes to WWA staff for inclusion on the website.


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Board Liasion
Jodi L. Dobson
Committee Chair
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