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Water Hydrant Caps
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8/25/2016 at 9:39:28 PM GMT
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Water Hydrant Caps

Our Water Department has for years left the caps on fire hydrants a little loose in order to let the hydrant drain the water out of the barrel after flushing or flow testing.  They claim that doing this leads to a lot less frozen hydrants in the winter.  The Fire Department has complained to us that they want the caps snugged past the point of being able to be removed by hand so people can’t place stuff in the hydrant that would be flushed out by Fire equipment and damage the equipment.  What is your procedure?  Comments/thoughts?   Thanks.

8/25/2016 at 9:43:08 PM GMT
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It is very common for us to leave the caps loose to drain down the water.
To my knowledge we never had a problem with vandalism or issue with the fire dept.
Hope it helps

Michael Heyroth
Utility Director
Rib Mountain Sanitary District

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